Friday, May 30, 2008

Latest Addition to my Felt Alive Family

Meet Mindy!

Mindy loves to play outside in the yard! She is an adventurous little thing; climbing trees and dreaming of sailing away to explore far away lands!

Monday, May 19, 2008

I'm in USA Today!!!

I was mentioned in a recent article in USA Today. The article is about Flickr (the coolest photo sharing website going) and I was mentioned in the article! How exciting. I responded to a Flickr Forum post from the writer at USA today looking for input from Flickr users. I wound up getting interviewed over the phone and that evening, I made the paper!! Pretty crazy!!

Felt Alive Online Class with Needle Felting Kit

This is the kit I put together for students of my Felt Alive online class. I have stuffed it full of my favorite materials for making my Felt Alive characters. It is the kit I wish I would have had when I first got started. I am having so much fun teaching my techniques - It makes me so happy to see my students projects come to life! I always feel like a proud auntie.

My online class is fun and innovative. I wrote an 8 chapter tutorial/ebook loaded with pictures and step by step instructions and to supplement this, I have created an extensive video library demonstrating the various techniques. My students start when they want and work at their own pace, all while getting personal instruction from me. We are having a lot of fun!! Click Here for more info!

Rufus - My first soft-sculpted canine!

This is little Rufus - He sits about 6 inches tall. He is soft and flexible and such a good boy!!

This is my first soft-scultped dogs. I made the little guys in my sled dog team but they are sculpted quite hard and are not as lifelike as Rufus.

Little Gladys - Needle Felted Art Doll

This is little Gladys! She is such a silly little thing!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Dude Named Alice!

This is Alice - Don't ask why - he's just Alice! He looks like a laid back old surfer dude to me. I just love him! What a character!

And I'm pretty sure Alice is Crackers' Bro' I caught them down at the lake shore soaking up the Alaskan springtime sun! They are a couple of Laid Back Dudes!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

He's Totally Crackers!

This is Crackers! He is a fun lovin' needle felted guy just enjoying a cold one on the shores of an Alaskan Lake.