Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I Felt The Stars

Group Shot, originally uploaded by feltalive.

Eleven Li'l felted celebrities all in a row! Pretty funny - The Li'l Beatles were the first - their scale is a bit smaller than the others but I love them just they way they are.

front row - l-r Li'l Bob Dylan, Li'l Marilyn, Li'l John Lennon, Li'l Ringo Starr, Li'l George Harrison, Li'l Paul McCartney, Li'l Elvis, Li'l Janice Joplin.

back row l-r Li'l Elton John, Li'l Willie Nelson, Li'l Conan O'Brien

Friday, March 13, 2009

Li'l Elvis in needle felted wool

The wool practically sculpted itself - Li'l Elvis really wanted to come to life. This creation was a lot of fun - right down to the Elvis snarl.

Lil Marylin Monroe in needle felted wool

She looks tragic to me - I find it strange that most of my characters have a spark of joyfulness to me, but not so with Li'l Marilyn. This one was a real challenge - I don't think Marilyn wanted to come to life in wool. But my li'l Marilyn is very balanced - she stands all by herself on her little red shoes