Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Li'l Travolta Sightseeing in Alaska

I had to make a Li'l Travolta Saturday Night Fever style! Boy does that take me back. I have to find a place with a disco ball for his official photo shoot but in the meantime we took him out sightseeing here in Alaska. When we stopped in at McHugh Creek along Turnagain Arm he learned an awful lot about the Dall Sheep we spotted in the moutains...Hmm....I wonder why he was so fascinated????

I have never needle felted will Dall Sheep wool. Sounds interesting, though.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bald Eagle Hunting the Shoreline

An overhead shadow got my attention when this amazing bird swooped in and landed in a tree in my front yard along the lakeshore.

He sat in the tree for about 1o minutes, keeping a close eye on the shoreline.

And then he flew away!

The Man in Black needle felted wool

I must say, I'm pretty smitten with my Li'l Cash - he looked like Sean Connery for so long and while I am a fan - Li'l Sean was NOT who this guy was supposed to be. So, like I usually do at that one special moment where my character comes to life - I shouted out with glee "I DID IT!!!!!!" It really is a fun moment...really fun.

Li'l Cash stands about 12" tall and is 100% needle felted wool. He is fully jointed with needle felted joints and stands on his own without the use of wire armatures.

For his core, I used my favorite wool batting from www.zwool.com. For his flesh layer, I used my all time favorite needle felting wool - Norwegian C1 Felting Batts (beige peach for Johnny's flesh) from New England Felting Supply - For his suit, I used Merino Prefelt, also from New England Felting Supply. His hair is Merino roving. And like always, I used my Felt Alive Super-Duper, Color-Coded, Rubber-Coated Felting Needles.

Li'l Cash - An original Felt Alive Wool Sculpture by Kay Petal